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Mother language is the language a child communicates with his mother in the first five years of his life. This is different from first language which is the language used in teaching a child at primary school level.



When first language through acculturation replaces Mother Language at home, cultural colonialism is said to take place leading to crisis of identity for speakers.  This is the situation we the Ndigbos find ourselves as our language is gradually losing its mother language status to English Language.


The United Nations [UN] sets aside 21st February as International Mother Language Day.  This is in recognition that some indigenous languages are on the brink of extinction hence the need to draw attention to their urgent revival. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO], predicted that the Igbo language could die as early as mid 2025s, God forbid!


We can make history restoring Igbo to its original Mother Language status. The watchword is ‘Home’.  We the Ndigbos must stop speaking English Langauage at our homes. This is where we the Igbo mothers play an invaluable role. As the first teacher of a child, mothers should instruct their children only in Igbo language. This realization lends credence to our call for the empowerment of the Igbo woman so as to be better placed to discharge a crucial responsibility as our last line of defense against cultural defeat.


The sober lesson of today is for us as Ndigbo to take a resolute stand on their dying language. A people are never defeated until their women, custodian of morality, are defeated.


‘’Umunwanyi igbo, dokwa asusu igbo site na isuru umuanyi Igbo’’!


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