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Skill Acquisition

Skill Acquisition

Having realized the dangers that poverty portends for the latent labour force in the society, Her Excellency initiated the idea of a skills acquisition center in each of the three senatorial zones in the state to intervene in this vicious cycle of poverty.

The goal of the project is to ensure that the rural and urban unemployed women and youth acquire viable skills that ensure they become productive members of the society.

The objectives of the study centers will include;

·         To enable the rural and urban unskilled women and youth acquire different viable skills to enable them become self reliant.

·         Reduce the over dependence on government employment.

·         Promote and enhance self esteem.

·         Improve the economic activity in the state

·         Reduce crime and other social vices through active employment

·         `play a complimentary role in the government vision- Imo must be better.


The Project Design And Description

The facility is a 180 student capacity center, sitting in two shifts morning session and evening session. It boasts of six laboratories divided into six- course structured sets, carefully chosen to reflect the realities of a growing economy.

A three hundred-seater capacity civic hall is also included in the center to provide for reception and town hall meetings etc. It is meant to generate funds for the center.

The center also boasts of a small scale factory and food processing facility also meant to generate income and give some of the students a practical example of skills at work. 


The Skills Set And Course Outline

 The various labs in the center will be offering training course in the following areas

·         Photography this will include all forms of image capture and print technology

·         Computer appreciation: this will include software and hardware engineering. Data entry skills and general IT appreciation.

·         Fashion labs; this will include all fabric based studies. Fashion designing etc

·         Catering lab; all aspects of competence in the hospitality industry

·         Hairdressing for both sexes

·         Light Manufacturing the subjects will learn how to make basic toiletries and other fast moving consumer goods( FMCGs)  


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